About Silver Spring, Maryland 20904.


20904 is a suburban zip code in Silver Spring, Maryland. The population is racially diverse, and mostly married couples. Housing prices here (average $199,400) are fairly typical for the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area. 

The median age here is 35.0. There are 22,744 men and 26,157 women. The median age for men is 33.8 while for women the median age is 35.9.

20904 Zip code is located in the Eastern time zone at 39 degrees latitude (same latitude as Lisbon, Portugal) and -77 degrees longitude. It has an average elevation of 357.45 feet above sea level.

Neighborhoods/Subdivisions in Zip Code 20904

Snowdens Mill: Homes for sale

Fairland Estates : Homes for sale
Tanglewood : Homes for sale

Colesville Outside: Homes for sale

Sherwood Forest: Homes for sale
Springbrook Knolls: Homes for sale
Woodlawn Terrace: Homes for sale
Stonecrest: Homes for sale
Calverton: Homes for sale
Gatestone: Homes for sale
Towns of Dogwood: Homes for sale
Stonecrest North: Homes for sale
Ashton Manor: Homes for sale
Fairmont: Homes for sale
Springwood: Homes for sale
Valleybrook: Homes for sale
Cross Creek Club: Homes for sale
Deer Park: Homes for sale
Carol Acres: Homes for sale
Colesville Farm Ests: Homes for sale
Fairview Estates: Homes for sale
Manors of Paint Branch: Homes for sale
Nottingham Woods: Homes for sale
Meadowood: Homes for sale
Sherwood Forest Manor: Homes for sale



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