Free Home Buyer Webinar
Event Date
Location Time/Cost
Saturday, June12, 2010.

One Beltway North
10230 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite100,
 Silver Spring MD 20903
  • How to Get Available Money from City, Counties, State, and Federal agencies.
  • What is Credit Score and How to Improve Yours.
  • How to Qualify for a Home Loan in Today’s 'New' Market Environment.
             How to Get Special Tax Deductions Such as $8,000 or $6,500.
             How Your Mortgage Can Cost Less than Your Rent.
  • The Role and Benefits of a Real Estate Agent in a Transaction.
  • How to Get the Home You Want in Today’s Competitive Market for a Discount.
  • The 'Insider's Secret'/Contract Terms that Protects You from a Bad Purchase.
  • The 'In's and Out's'/Benefits of Home Inspection to Protect Yourself.
  • How To Get Additionnal Seller Credits from Sellers During the Transaction.
  • How to minimize Physical and Emotional Stress when buying a home.
And Much More . . .