Are you facing foreclosure?

You May Have a Better Way Out!

There are countless hardships that can turn home ownership from a joy into a burden.  The loss of a job, medical bills, or an unexpected hike in monthly payments can all make a mortgage unaffordable.  But ignoring the bills will not make them go away, it will only make things worse.

If you need help, there are approaches that can help, but you may not be familiar with them.  One of these is a “short sale.”

In an approved shortsale, the lender agrees to accept less than is owed for the property, and the homeowner is relieved of the debt.  A lender may be willing to do this because it spares a lot of hassle and expense involved in executing a foreclosure.  And typically, a short sale does far less damage to the homeowner’s credit than a foreclosure does.

If you would like to explore the possibility of a short sale for your property, avoid foreclosure, and potentially save your credit rating, please complete the form .  One of our short sale Specialist will be in touch with helpful information.

 Foreclosure Homes Can Be Great Deals for the Investment-minded Buyers

If you are ready to buy equity-laden homes at reasonable prices, there are three ways to search for them just like the types of loans;

1) for conventional loan-originated foreclosures, search

2) FHA(Federal Housing Authority) loan-originated foreclosures, search 

3). for VA(Veteran Affairs) loan-originated foreclosures, search 

Business Policy


Most Realtors spend at least 80% of their time, energy, money and other resources seeking new clients and promoting themselves to the general public.  For several years, about 80% of our business has consistently come from referrals from our satisfied customers.  Therefore, our business policy is different in that we devote our time to you – focusing exclusively on your goals, explaining your options, and providing you with excellent service you deserve.


By applying due diligence and maximum effort, we provide world class service through a stress-free, step-by-step system of real estate services designed to ensure a smooth, exciting and worthwhile transaction for our clients.


At EMA Real Estate, we build life-long relationships, one transaction at a time.  Our goal is to be your Real Estate Consultants for Life.


In return for this high level of service, we need your help and count on you to refer your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to us.  This enables us to stay focused exclusively on you and your needs.


Do not be discouraged, if you have not been referred to us.  At EMA Real Estate, we are committed to giving you world class service, no matter how you got to know about us. Even if circumstances beyond your control has subjected you to possible Foreclosure, help is available.