Helpful Phone Numbers ...

As a courtesy to our clients, we are providing the numbers indicated below in the hope that you would find them helpful and accessible.  All of the numbers were current at the time of publication and we will continue to update them as necessary. If you find any number inactive, please let us know by calling our office at 301-879-6950 for an immediate update. Thanks.


Baltimore Gas & Electric 800-685-0123
Potomac Electric Power Co.
MD Washington Gas Light 703-750-2500
DC Washington Gas Light 703-750-1500
Washington Suburban Sanitary 301-206-4001
DC Bureau of Water Management 202-442-8000
Verizon 301-954-6611
Southern Maryland Electric Co. 301-843-6142
Charles County Dept. of Public Works 301-645-0624
Besche Oil Co. 301-645-7061
Southern Maryland Oil Co.
Prince George's County Trash Removal
Howard County Water & Sewer 410-313-2058













Anne Arundel County Public Schools 410-222-5000
Howard County Public Schools 410-313-6682
Montgomery County Public Schools 301-309-6277





Howard County Police (non-emergency #) 410-313-2200
Anne Arundel (non-emergency #) 410-222-8050






Is your basement, garage, or property cluttered?  Are you reluctant to open your storage closet doors for fear of being clobbered by those old "treasures" you've stowed away?  Is your kitchen strewn with old pots and pans?  If the answer to these questions is "Yes", consider some of the options below.  What a win-win situation; uncluttering your house and creating the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something for others as well as keeping the environment clean.  Listed below are charitable organiztions that will be glad to receive donations.

The Salvation Army 301-227-7878
American Rescue Workers 301-336-6200
Emergency Shelter Program, Prince George's House 301-499-0387
Family Crisis Center of PG County 301-779-2100
Starting Over Your Resources Center, Inc. 301-277-0434
Davis Memorial Goodwill Industries 202-636-4225
Sylvan Vista Baptist Church
PG County Trash Pickup 301-952-7600